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Software Products

WATT Mechanism Suite by Heron Technologies combines synthesis, analysis and animation of linkages. The Suite consists of WATT Synthesis and Roberts Animator software. Universities and Engineering Design departments world-wide use WATT Mechanism Suite.

WATT Mechanism Synthesis

Most available software on dynamics or kinematics, is used to analyze the behavior of a mechanism. However, to start with, you have to 'invent' a mechanism before you can analyze it. This is not a trivial task. With available methods and handbooks this can take several days if not weeks.

WATT Mechanism Synthesis solves this problem. Define the required motion and constrain pivot locations. WATT searches and finds a variety of solutions within minutes. You are no longer painstakingly trying to find one mechanism that might work. Now you can focus on integration of the mechanism into the total product.

WATT uses Heron's unique Synthesis Engine to search for solutions. It does not use a limited database, but the rules of physics and kinematics.

The user interface puts you in charge. WATT is easy to use, every command just one click away. No stacking dialogs, no crawling through menus. WATT's single window user interface makes this possible. Important information is always visible. User intervention is always allowed which enables a very interactive working method.

Roberts Animator can be used to analyze, extend and animate the behavior of a mechanism with unlimited number of links. Immediate visual feedback on any changes makes Roberts a powerful tool. Roberts 2.1 is a flexible and easy to use program to analyze and animate mechanisms

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