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Who We Are

At AES we are a group of top-notch engineering professionals that augment our client's workforce for specific projects.  Every one of our knowledge workers is experienced, committed, intelligent, creative, and eager to fulfill his perpetual thirst for learning.  When we bring new team members onto new projects, we make sure they're mentored, developed, motivated, and trained to work with the clients.


Our vision is to:

  • Be the premier engineering service provider for challenging, multi-disciplinary problems in the automotive, aerospace, energy, VC, and medical industries.

  • Be the most effective and visionary professional development provider in the area of computer aided engineering, process integration and design optimization. The goal of our educational services is to develop engineering excellence in your enterprise.

  • Discover, evaluate, provide, and implement innovative best-of-class virtual product development software.


Our mission is to help our clients be successful. We achieve their success by staying focused on a) the client's engineering and business needs and b) the state of computer aided engineering technology.