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Demystifying Virtual Prototyping with ANSYS

Total Length: 3 Days

This three day workshop is targeted at engineers that perform structural or thermal analysis of components and assemblies and that have little or no FEA experience. The course will include both lectures and laboratory exercises. The participants will be able to perform basic linear, static analyses in any discipline using any of the ANSYS products by importing and modifying CAD models, building and meshing 2D and 3D models, applying  loads and constraints, and reviewing results.

The Demystifying Virtual Prototyping with ANSYS workshop topics will include:

  • ANSYS Basics
    • ANSYS GUI and help system
    • Graphics and picking
    • FEA and solid modeling entities
  • Analysis Steps
    • Geometry, meshing, loading
    • Solving
    • Reviewing results, checking validity of solution
  • Preliminary Decisions
    • Which analysis type?
    • What to model?
    • Idealizations: beam, shell and solid element types
  •  Solid Modeling
    • Definitions
    • Top-down modeling, bottom-up modeling
    • Workshop
  • Meshing and Revising the Model
    • Multiple element attributes, such as material and section properties
    • Controlling mesh density, changing a mesh
    • Mapped meshing, mesh extrusion, sweep meshing
    • Hex-to-tet meshing
  • Importing Geometry
    • Importing solid models (IGES, SAT, STEP, etc)
    • < Connection products, maintaining associativity
    • F.E. Model imports (NASTRAN, Pro/Mesh)
    • Modifying imported models: topology repair, geometry repair, de-featuring
  • Selecting: solid modeling entities, FEA entities, components, assemblies
  • Postprocessing
    • Plotting, listing, animating and web publishing of the results
    • Utilizing results (design and failure criteria)
    • Verification guidelines and checklist
  • Putting it all together, solving typical customer problems

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