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Applications of Behavioral Modeling

Total Length: 2 Days

This course is targeted at intermediate and advanced Pro/Engineer Users.  Discussion topics will focus on Behavioral Modeler Extension (BMX) that enables designs to be driven by their product specifications. The course will include both lecture and laboratory exercises.  Strategies for working with analysis features, sensitivity, feasibility & optimization studies will be demonstrated with real world examples such as:

  • Optimum spaceship sizing to minimize frontal and surface area
  • Designing lighter and stronger extruded sections in a CAD environment by minimizing the sectional area subjected to stress, deflection and manufacturing constraints
  • Packaging optimization of metal stamped parts to minimize scrap
  • Dynamic balancing of rotating components
  • Optimizing hydraulic components by minimizing the oil volume subjected to stress, deflection and piston stroke constraints
  • Minimum weight container with packaging constraints
  • Gear location to accommodate given size timing belt
  • Radiation vulnerability analysis of satellites
  • Tolerance analysis of mechanical assemblies
  • Optimum location of a steering wheel's universal joints
  • Optimum water tower design (with local buckling, load eccentricity, etc.)
  • Equilibrium positions during submarine deployment
  • Stress distribution with field points and deformed shapes with spinal bends of  structures
  • Location of the meta-center of a ship's section
  • Computation of hydrostatic forces on submerged gates

Upon completion of this workshop, each student should be able to drive flexible product design from engineering requirements to an optimal design solution.

The workshop topics will include:

  • Analysis Features and Parameter Definition
  • User-Defined Analyses
  • Field Points and Persistent Display
  • External Analyses via ProToolkit
  • Using Excel as external analysis
  • Objective-driven Design and Design Variables Definition
  • Sensitivity, Feasibility/Optimization and Multiple-Objective Design Studies
  • Designing for Six Sigma quality using BMX

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