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Client Testimonials


"The great thing about working with the AES team is that they're lightning fast. They are skilled in CAD,  CAE, and design optimization, and they can generate designs that meet all performance attributes on the first try."

....... Dave Rush, VP Product Development, Think Mobility NEV

"I wanted to personally express my thanks to you and the rest of PTC/User board for inviting Andreas Vlahinos to take part in the 2002 PTC/USER conference in Atlanta!  I have been dealing with PTC products for over ten years now and have been to many conferences.  Out of all of those years I feel Andreas is one of the best individuals I have encountered.

His presentation was excellent. Not only was it full of technical information but, it also had WOW appeal!  It made those that already have BMX in their company start putting together a global implementation plan for their company that night and those that didn't were talking to their sales rep the next day getting pricing.  On Thursday and Friday I had the pleasure of attending his class on BMX.  Andreas stands out as one of the best teachers I have every encountered.

Again I wanted to thank you for inviting him to teach and for providing me the opportunity to meet Andreas.  I look forward to next years conference and I hope you will make sure Andreas is too!"

....... Brad Kelley, Tyco Electronics

"As usual your effort was superb and greatly appreciated.  I feel very fortunate to be able to learn from you and have you as part of our team.  Without you, our response would have never turned out as well as it did. GD-OTS and especially me appreciate everything you contributed to this effort."

....... Damon Schmidt, Deputy Program Director-Advance Systems, General Dynamics OTS

"Congratulations on your recognition for Best User Presenter - Engineering & Manufacturing Track. I certainly enjoyed your presentation. I truly think that your approach to integrating analysis and intelligence into models is what needs to be done. This is the approach I take and found it refreshing how enthusiastically you executed your presentation."

"Thank you for the fantastic training you provided last week! It really has opened my eyes wider to the range of analysis that can be coupled to Pro/E. The light bulb was still burning all weekend. .... I am totally re-energized now with this training!"

....... Matthew Ian Loew, MSME, Stewart & Stevenson TVS

"I attended your course "Engineering Quality into Designs using BMX" at the PTC/User conference, and I would like to thank you for a very instructive and entertaining course. I think BMX has the potential to be one of the biggest innovations in the field of design engineering ever..."

....... Anton Greeff, EPAQ International

"Sir - We could not have had trucks in the air today if not for your help. The best thanks we can offer is passing on to you the knowledge that these trucks will arrive in Afghanistan in time to save lives. I know it was back and forth for a while, but when we were ready to commit and needed it yesterday - you handled the pressure with grace and delivered as promised...."

....... Pat Kelley, Director, Navistar Defense Product Development