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Structures and Stability

Recommended books on Structures and Stability.

  • Stress, Stability, and Chaos in Structural Analysis: An Energy Approach M.S. El Naschie

  • Steel Framed Structures (Stability and Strength) R. Narayanan

  • Structural Stability: Theory Implementation W.F. Chen & E.M. Lui

  • Analysis and Design of Curved Steel Bridges Hiroshi Nakai & Chai Hong Yoo

  • Theories and Applications of Plate Analysis: Classical Numerical and Engineering Methods Rudolph Szilard

  • Fundamentals of the Analysis and Design of Shell Structures (Prentice-Hall International Series in Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics) Vasant S. Kelkar & Robert T. Sewell

  • Introduction to the theory of shells (Structures and solid body mechanics) Clive L. Dym

  • Tension Structures: Behavior and Analysis John William Leonard

  • Stability of Structures: Elastic, Inelastic, Fracture, and Damage Theories Zdenek P. Bazant & Luigi Cedolin

  • Stresses in Plates and Shells A.C. Ugural

  • Computerized Buckling Analysis of Shells (Mechanics of Elastic Stability) D.Bushnell

  • Buckling of Bars, Plates, and Shells Don O. Brush & Bo O. Almroth


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